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    Healthy Dinner For One

    Somewhere in between spending $13 on salads and saying fuck it i’ll just have cheese and wine- I conclude that I inevitably ask myself every night “what is for dinner”. I finally came up with a solution- this bowl.  It’s perfect because you can change of the ingredients and it cover all of the food groups while […]

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  • In Defense of Potatoes


    Spud, tater, tuber- whatever you call it– it’s delicious.  Potatoes get a shitty rep.  Sure, the low carb dieters hate them but all 100 pounds of me loves potatoes.  Fried (in REAL moderation), baked, chips and sweet potatoes. I say BRING IT.  This complex carbohydrate is loaded in fiber, potassium, vitamins B and C.  And sure, […]