Winner Winner 10 Minute Breakfast For Dinner

It’s Monday and I have had a long day with my dietetic internship! {PS: Comment below if you want me to do a blog post the internship!} My go to lazy dinner is normally eggs because well they’re super healthy, filling and you can add any vegetable you have laying around into the mixture.

Ha— but things just got a LITTLE lazier.  I sometimes hate cleaning up after I make eggs.  Seriously- so lazy. Not always, but on Mondays, yes.

So this egg in an avocado thing is perfect because no frying pan is involved. 

{1} Preheat the over t0 425

{2} Slice the avocado in half and take out the seed.

{3} Crack an egg in one half of the avocado and put it directly in the over for ten minutes (or until whites are cooked)

{4} Stuff the other half with salsa, beans or chili *I used Better Bean Co. pre made chili because it has pure plant based ingredients. 

{5} Top with Lime & cilantro –optional- serve with corn chips!

Avocado Egg Bake

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