Wellness Make Over

Join me for a complete Wellness Makeover. 

What you will receive: 

Your own comprehensive tailored weight loss guide. I love some online but they are not practical for every lifestyle.  This will be specific for you. 

A list of some of my favorite food products and lifestyle products (think beauty and environmental)

Samples of my favorite products mailed to your doorstep to try. 

My cell phone number for complete contact any time you have a health related question.

Recipes.  I have developed recipes for all cooking levels. 

Weight loss program:

A tailored weight loss program for your lifestyle.

Step 1: Journal three days of your food intake.  

Step 2: 30 minute phone call with me discussing your food intake and food preferences 

Step 3: Personalized “diet” and tips specially for YOUR lifestyle.

Step 4: Assess, see how you feel and do it again until we hit your goal! 


Interested? Email me: Sweatandglow@gmail.com