Weekend Recap + Healthy Tips

Hi!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  My weekend I tried to focus on myself a little and unwind. This meant lots of rose, pool time and date night!


I TRY to stretch when I wake up every morning.  Even if just for five minutes it always makes my body feel better- especially after a night of weight lifting-or wine drinking 😉  So why do I stretch: I feel as though it strengthens my body and personally makes me feel strong.  Plus finding balance right in the morning is needed for me.

Weekend Recap In Photos 🙂

FullSizeRender 3


This little angel of mine LOVED spending time outside in the sun- girl after my own heart <3


Some American Pyscho (comment below: I need more suggestions for summer reads)




Cold brew coffee and macaroons: It’s oaky to treat yourself once in awhile 😉



First time wearing a bikini this year calls for a shameful bikini selfie!

SOO let’s get started on some healthy tips:

My friends and family ask me anyways – what do you do to stay fit & healthy.  I swear- I will spill my whole life on this blog about what I eat & drink, but for now I want to share a few tips.

1. I don’t focus on calories or obsess over weight, instead I eat because I LOVE food and for nutrition

2. I don’t eat a lot of sugar and try to eat very clean ingredients.  I actually eat a high fat diet- but it’s all about the quality of the fats- something I will speak of later.

3. I like to keep fruit and vegetables always cut up and accessible.  Snap peas, watermelon, jicima, you name it: if fruit it readily available in my house I will be eating it.  I love loading up on raw fruits and vegetables especially in between meals. A tip that I could tell everyone right now is take some time once or twice a week and just chop of some vegetables, cut up some fruit- put them in bowls and leave in your fridge.

4. I don’t drink anything other than water, seltzer and tea.  Skip all juices and soda.  I even don’t like green juices- they have no fiber and It is so much healthier, cheaper and filling to eat actual fruits and vegetables!

What are some of your healthy tips?







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