Two Ingredient, Two Second Snack!

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I am a huge supporter of snacking.  I think it’s really important to listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry- even if that means between meals.  The only issue with snacking is when we think of snacks we think of “junk”. Chips, cookies etc.  To me, junk food is considered a treat, not for snacking.

Some healthy snacks that I eat late at night include:

♥ Fruit and peanut butter

♥ Corn chips (unprocessed) and salsa

♥ Half an avocado with sea salt

♥ Popcorn!

Popcorn is my absolute favorite.  Did you know popcorn is a WHOLE GRAIN and has protein and a butt-load of fiber! Sometimes at night I guiltily want to mindlessly eat- so getting a huge bowl of popcorn is perfect.  I always buy air popped popcorn- never microwavable, because there a ton of chemicals in the lining of the bags (google it!!). Trader Joes and the LesserEvil brand are two of my favorite popcorn brands because of the high quality ingredients.  First of all they are both GMO free- and that is really important for corn products considering 80% of corn in the USA is made with GMOs.  Secondly, they have two other ingredients sea salt and hiolive oil or coconut oil.  SUPER healthy.

The best part about buying plain popcorn is that you get to dress it yourself and CONTROL the ingredients.  I have talked about the health benefits of turmeric before.  One of my favorite flavor popcorns that I make is literally two ingredients.  Throw a couple cups of turmeric in a bag with a tbsp of organic ground turmeric- shake it up, pour in a bowl and enjoy! Bonus* Add some chopped cilantro on it if you’re entertaining and want to look fancy 🙂


When I have a sweet tooth you I like to make cocoa popcorn (as pictured above). Same idea- throw some raw cocoa powder in a bag with plain popcorn, shake it up and pour into a bowl.  I added goji berries to this one for an extra boost of antioxidants.

Share you flavored popcorn ideas below!! I am always looking for inspiration to try new flavors.



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