TIPsy Tuesday Numero Uno

Good morning pretty readers.  From now on Every Tuesday I am going to share with you some of my favorite tips.  Think anything nutrition, health or blog related. Feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions for next weeks TIPS! Xo. 

{Weight Loss Tip}: Never skip a meal INCLUDING breakfast. I honestly believe you’re better off eating an unhealthy breakfast or meal then no meal at all.  Keep that metabolism going.  The smaller and more frequent the meals, the better. 

{General Health Tip} Focus on eating clean, whole foods. Think lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, starches like rice and potatoes or whole grains. 

{Beauty Tip} Drink a shit ton of water.  

{Social Media Tip} Engage and interact with your followers. 

{Relationship Tip} Don’t chase friendships or relationships.  You are amazing.  If someone is not interested in you, move on and find a new friend or partner.

{Stress Tip} Find something you love to do and use it as your outlet. Whether it’s art, running, blogging – make time to do these things every day.


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