Take 5 Minutes and Stretch (DAILY!)

Stretching is great for flexibility and injury prevention but it also has way more benefits.

Yogi or not. Athlete or not. I challenge you all to take five minutes out of your day to just simply stretch. No equipment necessary.  Good times to do it are right after you wake up or during commercials when watching TV! 

What does stretching do? It increases blood flow to muscles and tissues. 


{1} Stress release.  It looses muscles and takes away tension. It also helps with the release of endorphins- the hormone that makes you happy.

{2} Improves flexibility.  This one is sort of obvious-but nothing is better than feeling flexible!

{3} Increases energy levels. This one is awesome – so a midday stretch may be just as beneficial as coffee.

{4} Reduces soreness and helps with exercise stamina.  

So whether you choose to do yoga or stretch for a five minutes in your house- you will be noticing benefits soon!


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