Staying Healthy on a Vacation

Hello my beautiful readers! It’s been a couple weeks since i’ve posted because I have been super busy and well very stressed. Working full time + applying to become a dietitian + trying to start my own brand equals a ton of energy- BUT I love it.   And luckily for me, I went on the most beautiful vacation this week- to San Juan.  We stayed at the Ritz Carlton there and it was a very relaxing stay.  


Yoga in San Juan

First of all- it’s extremely important to work out on vacation.  I am not talking about slaving at the gym- but get out and explore! Go hiking, do yoga, go on longgg walks.  It’s normal to eat more and differently when you are away- so making sure you are going to move your butt really helps. Rainy day?  Try some yoga apps or in-door work outs like the Tone It Up girls- there stuff is the SH*T ! 

Healthy on Vacation

Secondly- EAT, DRINK, EATTTT your vegetables! At every meal.  Being irregular and bloated on vacation is the WORST.  Vacation should not mean sit on your ass and eat steak and lobster all day.  It’s important to really eat a ton of fresh fruit and vegetables.  You can thank me for this one later but my number one tip for dining out on vacation is order an appetizer and a salad. You do not need to eat huge meals and honestly, appetizers always taste much better.  Skip dense carb-loaded foods and really eat what is fresh to that country/origin.


Healthy on Vacation

Lastly get in a lot of relaxation time.  It’s sometimes hard because we want to cram everything in a small period of time but it’s so important to relax.  Make a spa appointment, do some meditation or simply sleep in.  It will make the vacation more enjoyable and your mental health!


What are your favorite ways to stay healthy on vay-cay? 


  • Roxy

    I admire you for sticking to a healthy regime on vacation. We usually use that as the one time to throw caution to the wind and eat anything our hearts desire. I will admit we tend to do a lot more exercising on vacation b/c we tend to outdoor excursions, but when it comes to food I don’t think I could avoid the bad stuff in the name of health.

  • Becki S

    Love this post! And goes hand in hand with my series on staying healthy over the holidays. Great tips. We love to find a running tour to be able to go on a fun run around and see the sites.

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