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Sneaking In Your Veggies + GIVEAWAY Time

I love vegetables. Shocking.  But I get it, I’m not always in the mood to eat a salad at every meal or chug a green juice every morning.  Yet still, I try to make my plates veggie centric- regardless.  If you have little ones or are a finicky eater yourself, I realize this may not be easy.

Lets break this down into two categories: 

With these tips, you will be eating vegetables regardless #NoExcuses. P.S: Scroll on down and enter a yummy-giveaway! 

1.” I am not in the mood for veggies, I would rather eat pizza”

Happens to the best of us, often.  So my best advice here is eat pizza but eat it with veggies..and so on.  I have pasta a few nights a week and NO I do not want a salad with my pasta. Instead I will grill up some veggies and toss it in with the pasta.  Not only does this cut the carbs, but it also keeps you full longer!  Not doing it for you? How about a smoothie.  Honestly, throwing a handful of kale into a smoothie is the best idea EVER because kale basically has no taste.  Skip the sweeteners, add in some dairy (or dairy alternative) a banana, some kale and a NATURAL protein source like hemp or chia seeds.  This makes such a balanced meal plus you get a butt load of veggies into this.  Be adventurous, add some brussels, in argulua – whatever veggies you picked up at the market that week- I promise, you will barely taste it. 


Gluten Free, Vegan Pasta Dinner


Green Monster Hemp Smoothie


Okay for all of you veggie haters–I don’t judge. We need to REALLLLY hide these veggies from you! Blend individual veggies in water (think carrots, spinach, broccoli stems, cauliflower, peas, squash) and throw them into ice cube trays. This should be a really thick consistency.  Freeze these overnight and store for up to a month. Next time you’re cooking whatever it is (soups, mac and cheese, pasta etc) I want you to pop out on of those ice cubes and throw it in your dish.  Feeling a little confused? Here are some examples..

For cheesy dishes like casseroles and mac and cheese- think squash and cauliflower 

For soups and stews- pop out the green ice cubes.

For cookies and cakes, add some carrot pureed iced cubes.

If you guys want some more information about this I am happy to do HOW-TO post, so let me know in the comments!


Now For the GIVEAWAY!! Head on over my Instagram page and enter to win a case of BANZA pasta.  It’s the pasta pictured above.  This pasta is made with chickpeas which makes it a gluten free pasta alternative, also naturally high in protein, vegan and GMO free.  You will LOVE IT! 











Cheers to all of you veggie LOVERS & haters. xo



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