Snack Happy, Snack Healthy.



Snacks always get such a bag rep, and the word snacking have such a negative connotation.

Well..i’m here to change that. Because I f*cking love snacking.

There is nothing more relaxing then laying in bed at night, watching some sopranos and drinking wine and eating SNACKS.

SOOO…let’s chat healthy snacks. And no- i’m not talking about energy bites or celery dipped in hummus. I’m talking about real snacks that we actually crave at night. My favorite is POPCORN.

Popcorn is a whole grain and is high in fiber and protein- plus you get to pick at it for a long time, lots of bites…its satisfying to eat.

Buyers beware: lots of popcorn has a ton of crap in it, butters, excess salt and chemical additives, shit i can barely pronounce. I like to purchase air popped popcorn and I look at peak at the ingredients: if I see popcorn, oil and salt its PERFECT.

Some brands that I like include Trader Joes, Whole Foods 365, Pipcorn, Lesser Evil, Quinn, and Boom Chicka Pop.

Now, let’s jazzzzz this snack up. Adding your own ingredients to popcorn gives it a little kick, its enjoyable AF & you get to control your own ingredients.  All you need to do is add the spices/ingredients into your popcorn back and give it a shake shake shake.


Matcha popcorn: seen above. Popcorn + Matcha + Sesame oil.

Turmeric popcorn:  turmeric powder +ginger powder +lemon zest + popcorn

Trail mix popcorn: peanuts + dark chocolate chips + sunflower seeds + popcorn.

Everything Spice popcorn: popcorn + Trader Joes everything spice (so easy)

Decadent popcorn: cocoa powder + dried cherries + dark chocolate chips + popcorn.


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