DIY: Pitaya Bowl

Pitaya AKA dragon fruit has been taking over my Instagram feed and I have been ENVIOUS. It’s almost hard to believe this vibrant pink color is all natural and comes from a plant. Fricken love nature. Dragon fruit comes in two colors – and honestly, i’m not sure if there is a way of telling which you are going to get until you cut it open.  When I bought this dragon fruit I expected to see a white and black inside – but to my surprise, I purchased a deep red beauty. 

Pitayas: are rich in fiber, loaded with antioxidants and aid in lowering blood pressure. This exotic fruit may look intimidating but honestly- has a very mild flavor and almost a texture of an avocado- just a little grittier because of the seeds. 

DIY Pitaya Bowl: Blend 1/2 dragon fruit, 1 frozen banana and 1/2 cup of full fat yogurt.  If you are vegan- feel free to use coconut yogurt or almond milk instead of a dairy based yogurt. Top with your favorite in-season fruit and add some nuts and seeds for an extra boost of protein.  Snap a picture, Instagram it (of course) & enjoy. ♥



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