Hi!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  My weekend I tried to focus on myself a little and unwind. This meant lots of rose, pool time and date night!


I TRY to stretch when I wake up every morning.  Even if just for five minutes it always makes my body feel better- especially after a night of weight lifting-or wine drinking 😉  So why do I stretch: I feel as though it strengthens my body and personally makes me feel strong.  Plus finding balance right in the morning is needed for me.

Weekend Recap In Photos 🙂

FullSizeRender 3


This little angel of mine LOVED spending time outside in the sun- girl after my own heart <3


Some American Pyscho (comment below: I need more suggestions for summer reads)




Cold brew coffee and macaroons: It’s oaky to treat yourself once in awhile 😉



First time wearing a bikini this year calls for a shameful bikini selfie!

SOO let’s get started on some healthy tips:

My friends and family ask me anyways – what do you do to stay fit & healthy.  I swear- I will spill my whole life on this blog about what I eat & drink, but for now I want to share a few tips.

1. I don’t focus on calories or obsess over weight, instead I eat because I LOVE food and for nutrition

2. I don’t eat a lot of sugar and try to eat very clean ingredients.  I actually eat a high fat diet- but it’s all about the quality of the fats- something I will speak of later.

3. I like to keep fruit and vegetables always cut up and accessible.  Snap peas, watermelon, jicima, you name it: if fruit it readily available in my house I will be eating it.  I love loading up on raw fruits and vegetables especially in between meals. A tip that I could tell everyone right now is take some time once or twice a week and just chop of some vegetables, cut up some fruit- put them in bowls and leave in your fridge.

4. I don’t drink anything other than water, seltzer and tea.  Skip all juices and soda.  I even don’t like green juices- they have no fiber and It is so much healthier, cheaper and filling to eat actual fruits and vegetables!

What are some of your healthy tips?















I have been on a HUGE smoothie kick.  Butttt my smoothies are getting boring. So I decided to jazz them up a bit- so much that I can even get my boyfriend to drink something green!!


Today’s smoothie recipe:

2 handfuls of Kale

1/3 cup canned organic coconut milk (canned doesn’t have gross carrageenan)

1 champaign mango…have you tried these yet!!

1/2 cup Frozen pineapple

1 tbsp Hemp hearts

1 tbsp Chia seeds


Reading labels and choosing healthy foods is like playing a little April fools joke- 365 days a year.

Hopefully by now we all know to ignore anything that says low fat, low sugar ect.  But now, we need to think deeper: about unhealthy “health foods”.  You know, those that say organic, vegan, gluten free.  Yes, an organic, vegan, gluten free lifestyle may be healthy, but no eating that organic, vegan, gluten free cookie does not mean that you made a healthy choice.  The food industry is smart, they know that we are becoming more educated about nutrition and health, so they will take the extra step to out-wit us.  Here are a few rules that I live by to make sure I am not being tricked:

1. Don’t read anything on the front.  Unless you have celiacs or an allergy/intolerance, anything that is written on the front of the label  is not an indication about the product.  Turn the label around, look for quality ingredients, and also look at the sugar content.

2. The only thing we should be getting our antioxidants and vitamins from is fruit, vegetables and real foods.  If something has added vitamin C or antioxidants- don’t expect that to be better for us.  Our body doesn’t process enriched vitamins the same it does when we take a bite out of a fruit.

3. Choose organic when possible for foods- but don’t choose a food because it says organic.  I used to drawn to all health foods because they had that little USDA label on them, but then I found myself with a load of organic cookies, crackers, breads and more processed foods.  So yes, if I am buying something that I need and organic is an option, I will buy it-but I will no longer be drawn to something just because it is organic.

*I can’t wait to share more information with you all and start this blog.  Plan for a lot of nutrition, work out tips, beauty and clothes.

xx Julie