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    Clean Up Your Diet: Summer Edition

    Every season I do something a little odd- I sit back and evaluate how I can better myself- whether it’s my friendships, my career or my health- I think we all need to reevaulate the way we live multiple times a year. With the first day of summer a week away- I have already made some decisions. Simple things guy- I’m not about to get up and move across the country- but I have cut unhealthy ties in my life.   We sometimes don’t even realize we are doing something that isn’t great for ourselves until we give ourselves the respect of an hour and to sit back and really…

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    Party Pleaser: Endives

    At just one calorie per leaf endives pack a bunch of vitamins, minerals and crunch.  I absolutely love endives because they make a great replacement for chips and crackers.  Do you guys remember when Tostitos came out with scoops (yes- I’m a 90’s child – and yes, it was a genius invention back then).  Well – Endives are basically the perfect alternative to those scoops.  You can literally stuff these chicory family leafs with hummus, guacamole or any of your favorite dips- and enjoy it without worrying about the extra basically empty calories in chips/crackers.     More reasons to try endives: 1.They are super delicious grilled or raw. 2.Consuming…

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    Detox Tea: Friend or Foe?

    Lately, on Instagram I have seen a lot of advertisements for “detox tea” or “skinny tea”  on sponsored “health” professionals pages and well- Scott Disicks.  As a huge tea advocate – I looked into these brands more- and at $30 a bag I wanted to know- do they work and more importantly are there any health concerns? Let’s address “do they work”. If you have read my blog before you may know my favorite health mantra. There is NO magic solution.  If you come across something that that advertises for weight loss or total body health stay AWAY.  It’s generally either unhealthy or a scam.  We stay healthy by eating WHOLE real…

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    Coping With Stress

    Let’s get personal for a minute.  I normally write about recipes and health tips- but today – I want to chat about stress and anxiety.  A healthy state of mind is JUST as important as what you eat- if not more. I am an anxious person.  High strung, over thinker. It’s really frustrating because I live my life caring a million percent about wellness and then I just feel trapped sometimes.  Luckily, since I have done a lot of research, self reflection and a shit ton of trial and error- I have found my zen. So if you’re an anxious stressed person, hang in there. My best tip is to…

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    Overnight Oats

    Oatmeal is not my favorite breakfast but it has tons of heart healthy benefits.   Oats lower cholesterol levels because they are rich in soluble fiber Oats have a unique antioxidant that helps prevent heart disease  They stabilize blood sugar {if you get moody like me in the mornings- this is crucial!}  Protect against post menopausal breast cancer << super interesting, right? This is due to the high fiber content. Convinced?  Yeah me too.  But oatmeal is boring and breakfast is my favorite meal- so why make it boring. Overnight oats are a delicious way to enjoy oatmeal-cold. Which is super perfect with this weather. When you cook oats they…

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    Coconut Chia Pudding

    Chia pudding is my favorite snack because it’s super rich in fiber protein and omega-3 fatty acids.  It’s also two ingredients and super simple to make.  WARNING: The texture is weird- it’s gooey and sort of indescribable – but oddly crave-worthy. My favorite chia seeds are called Salba Chia they are higher in protein and omega-3’s compared to regular chia seeds.   

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    #EEEEEATS: 4/10/16

    Good morning all!  A lot of the time I have a ton of people (friends, family, strangers) ask me what I eat.  So I decided to document a day worth of my food for you all.   That being said- we are all different, we all have different appetites and eating like me isn’t going to make you automatically drop 15 pounds. If that was the case- I would eat like Gisele every day.  Or maybe Jessica Alba..hmm. This post is just for fun and to share what I eat & why I eat it. :p Breakfast: Peanut butter & jelly overnight oats: Mix peanut butter, 1 cup of oatmeal…

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    What REALLY Soothes An Upset Stomach.

    You guys- an upset stomach is the worst.  No I lied- having people tell you had to HEAL an upset stomach is the worst.  If I am told to chug one more bottle of Kombucha from all of my favorite nutritionist friends (LOVE YOU ♥) I may cry.  Rule number 1: Before even reading what soothes an upset stomach below: be mindful of what upsets you’re stomach. My stomach reacts fine to gluten and dairy, but if yours does not- respectfully, to your body, try to avoid those foods.   White Rice: White rice is bland, and treats your tummy well.  It soaks up any extra liquid that may be lurking in…

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    An Ode To A Lemon

    A “superfood” in my opinion is a label and a way to increase sales on say goji berries or acai powder. BUT if I had to pick a superfood not for sales purposes I would name the good old lemon my “superfood”. This tangy and juicy fruit that tends to garnish our water & decorate our dining room table (it’s a feng shui thing) happens to have a billion and one health benefits. And the least I can do is give you five 🙂 🙂 🙂 1. Lemons aid in digestion: Including both indigestion & constipation. Hello warm water & lemon in the morning!  2. Promotes healthy skin: Lemon juice can be used…

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    Clean Up Your Routine In Time For Spring

    Good morning readers ♥ I woke up early this morning to drink my coffee and to neurotically check my Instagram feed (issues) and found out the spring was in 31 days. WOO. This has been a LONG winter.  So I thought about pivotal times when we tend to get healthy. New Years, before bikini season, back to school. Normally around the February-March hump I notice less gym-goes and less healthy eating campaigns from brands …maybe this is a good thing and maybe it’s all a marketing ploy.  OR MAYBE we get lazy. Who knows.  So if you are reading this and you realize you want to put a little spring into…