When I think diet foods especially fad diet foods I think grapefruits.  You know- magazines telling you to eat 1/2 a grapefruit before every meal and you can lose three pounds that month.  Well if you are new to my blog – let me introduce myself and tell you one thing about me: I HATE DIETS. I hate diet foods anything associated with diets.

Okay so now that my rant is over- let me tell you do that I do love grapefruits not because of any of there weight los claims but because of their delicious flavor and health benefits:

♥ They are packed in vitamin C! – Which means they protect our immune system, and have a lot of antioxidant (anti-cancer) properties

♥ Have anti inflammatory- benefits

♥ Protect against kidney stones

♥ Reduce stress and anxiety…YES PLEASE!  The smell of grapefruit induces an immunosuppression response which produces calm behavior


So I bought some grapefruits in this weeks grocery-hall and decided I wanted to do something different with it! I got inspired through Instagram and broiled a grapefruit. Super easy, cut it in half, cut the buttons off so the grapefruit lays flat and place it on a baking sheet.  I am not a huge fan of adding sugar to things (but you can!) I added a tsp of cinnamon and broiled the grapefruit for 5 minutes.  I finished it off with a dollop of coconut cream! That’s it!  Absolutely delicious! 

Have you ever broiled fruit before?


26 Thoughts on “Old Food, New Love

  1. i have never boiled fruit, but it sounds interesting!

  2. I’ve never broiled a citrus fruit before – but why not?! They are just as sweet most of the time – so thanks so much for putting this on my radar!

  3. I despise diets myself. I truly do believe in living a balanced life. I also see exercise & what I consume as two different things. It’s refreshing to hear another person feel the same way.

    Have a great day. 🙂

  4. Sounds super healthy! I must give it a go

  5. Your grapefruits recipe sounds super delicious, need to try it out! Did you know that it’s also great in Risotto? You only add the juice and also Radicchio…SO good! 😉

  6. This sounds delicious! I have never broiled a grapefruit but I’m feeling inspired 🙂

  7. Love the idea about adding cinnamon! I am going to try this!

  8. I love broiled grapefruit, but I haven’t had one in ages. Thanks for the reminder that I should do that again!

  9. I’m so with you on fad diets! It makes me sad to see people cutting out whole food groups in order to lose weight. Bring on the grapefruit!

  10. I can’t really have grapefruits or any citrus fruits for that matter but I wish I could! This looks so interesting and yummy!

  11. I love grapefruit! I don’t know why I’ve never tried this. I’m adding grapefruit to my grocery list 🙂

    Thanks for linking up at The Alder Collective Link Party! Your post has been pinned to the party board, and we hope to see you again next Tuesday at 8 EST!

  12. Hi, nice post and very informative. I love citrus fruit especially Orange. Thanks for sharing…!

  13. that looks incredible! I’ll take any excuse to use the broiler!

  14. Interesting idea. I never thought of broiling fruit. I’ve heard of grilled fruit, not broiled. I guess same difference! LOL Sounds yummy.

  15. I remember a couple of years back, I started grilling fruit. Have you done that? This is a great idea by the way.

  16. I have heard in the passed that grapefruits has wealth of benefits. I am going to give this one a try

  17. I love grapefruits but I can only do them in small quantities. I’ve had many rot in the fridge because they were too big or too many (our neighbour used to give us massive 1kg ones).
    But I have never entertained the thought of broiling them. How interesting. I can’t quite imagine how they would taste but I would be prepared to give it a go.

  18. This looks like such a yummy treat. I’ve never tried it before but I’m excited to make it and give it a try!

  19. Looks so good!! I need to make this since I love love love grapefruit and normally eat one a day!

  20. This looks delicious 🙂

  21. I love grapefruit and broiling it sounds like a great idea!

  22. I’ve never tried broiled grapefruit but I’m sure I’d love it since I love grapefruit. I’m always happy when it comes into season! I’ll definitely try mixing it up and broiling it for something new.

  23. I love grapefruit and I love to grill citrus fruits! Will have to try cinnamon on it next :). Hello from Bakersbeans!

  24. Never heard of broiling grapefruit but I do need to try that out. I have been having eggs for breakfast every day & I’m burn out!

  25. I have never heard of broiling fruit! I am definitely going to add this to my list. I eat the same breakfast almost every day (which I love) BUT would love to change it up. What other fruits have you broiled? I’m partial to bananas and apples and wonder how they would turn out!

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