Old Food, New Love


When I think diet foods especially fad diet foods I think grapefruits.  You know- magazines telling you to eat 1/2 a grapefruit before every meal and you can lose three pounds that month.  Well if you are new to my blog – let me introduce myself and tell you one thing about me: I HATE DIETS. I hate diet foods anything associated with diets.

Okay so now that my rant is over- let me tell you do that I do love grapefruits not because of any of there weight los claims but because of their delicious flavor and health benefits:

♥ They are packed in vitamin C! – Which means they protect our immune system, and have a lot of antioxidant (anti-cancer) properties

♥ Have anti inflammatory- benefits

♥ Protect against kidney stones

♥ Reduce stress and anxiety…YES PLEASE!  The smell of grapefruit induces an immunosuppression response which produces calm behavior


So I bought some grapefruits in this weeks grocery-hall and decided I wanted to do something different with it! I got inspired through Instagram and broiled a grapefruit. Super easy, cut it in half, cut the buttons off so the grapefruit lays flat and place it on a baking sheet.  I am not a huge fan of adding sugar to things (but you can!) I added a tsp of cinnamon and broiled the grapefruit for 5 minutes.  I finished it off with a dollop of coconut cream! That’s it!  Absolutely delicious! 

Have you ever broiled fruit before?



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