Move Over Kale Juice: Black is the New Green!


Activated charcoal has been used for many of years as a natural detoxifier.  I have always been extremely intimidated to try it due to it’s deep black color.  But after doing tons of research about the health benefits, I finally tried it, and am more than pleased with the taste!   First and fore-most I want to give a HUGE shout-out to Dirty Lemon  for sending me the detox. ♥  They use activated charcoal which is sourced from coconut shells, lemon, ginger and dandelion root- making this drink taste exactly like lemon water.  I promise—even my boyfriend was impressed that it didn’t taste like death!



Activated charcoal health benefits: 

♥ Activate charcoal natural absorbs toxins and chemicals that may cause harm to our body.

♥ This black drink surprisingly whitens teeth

♥ It aids in flushing out your kidneys

♥ Activated charcoal helps settle your stomach and is a remedy for digestive issues such as gas and bloating

♥  Studies show that activated charcoal may reduce aging by preventing cellular damage that is related to aging

♥ Another study showed that activated charcoal lowered total cholesterol in subjects significantly .

Overall I give this drink a big thumbs up!  But, it is not something I plan on drinking every day because I do take medicine and vitamins and unfortunately I could not find enough research  about how to charcoal may bind to medication.  Everyone responds to foods and drinks differently, so I personally  would never want to push someone to do a detox.  I just simply wanted to let you know, I tried it, I liked it, and if you are interested in trying it- I think it’s definitely worth it.  Please also note that I ate with this detox- this wasn’t like a juice cleanse.


I am not a doctor my research comes from valid sources but if you have any medical questions or concerns regarding activated charcoal or anything you read on my blog, please consult a physician. 


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