Mornings Are Hard- Breakfast Doesn’t Have To Be!


Waking up is the HARDEST thing ever!  And it’s not because I hate work or hate the mornings.  I just absolutely love being in bed. BUTTT it’s the real world and I need to get my ass up –normally by 6am.

I used to be super unhealthy {in the mornings}.  I would either skip breakfast because I didn’t think I had the time or I would run to Starbucks, grab one of those high sodium, low fat breakfast sandwiches and an unnecessarily expensive latte.

Taking five minutes out of your normal morning might seem dreadful {trust me, sometimes it is} but you need to learn to prioritize your needs and your health first.  I want to wake up every day being my best self, and that means treating my body with a form of self respect aka eating well and nourishing myself.   So no- I am not saying to make a LAVISH breakfast, but yes, I am saying to take 5 maybe 10 minutes to sit down and enjoy this meal.  I know it’s SOOOO cliche- but the reality is, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

So here are some healthy & convenient breakfast options I generally eat:

The above photo above ^^ avocado toast- my favorite meal EVER.  You guys- toast a piece of bread, smash an avocado on it and throw on extra toppings {above: jicima, tomato and chia seeds}.  This breakfast took three minutes it is loaded in healthy fats, fiber vitamins and protein.


Scramble an egg.  Seriously it takes five minutes.  I throw in whatever vegetables I have hanging around, chop up a fruit and make tea- done. Another delicious five second breakfast.


Yogurt. Siggis yogurt happens to be my favorite because it has no added junk including sugars.  Right here, I sliced up some fruit, added chia and  goji berries  which kept me full for a solid 3-4 hours.  Plus yogurt contains gut friendly probiotics.  Perfect if you had a cheat meal the night before or were out drinking.

Eat your breakfast.  It’s good for you and delicious!  Seriously YOU are worthy of it!

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?



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