Let’s Talk Fat : Spotlight Ghee

Let’s chat fat! First of all, let me start of by saying fats do not make you FAT.  Like all food- you need to pay attention to the quality of the ingredient.  Still, it’s confusing, because we have been told for years that butter is bad for us- after all it is a saturated fat that has been associated with heart disease. But like all things in the health industry we can not jump to conclusions.  In fact, when the “low fat” craze came out about 20 years ago people started eating more sugar, and diabetes and heart disease rates ended up increasing…HMMM…

Fats contain 9 calories per gram keeping us fuller longer. The right kind of fats also contain a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, heart healthy benefits and help us absorb vitamins better.  So I personally would rather have a high fat breakfast which keeps me full until lunch instead of a carbohydrate overload where you feel full one hour later.  But, like calories, not all fats are created equal.  Not all fats have the above health benefits. 

Fats I love: butter, GHEE, olive oil and coconut oil.  I know walnut oil and avocado oils have tons of heart healthy omega 3’s in them- but honestly, I stick with just the mentioned four in my kitchen.  Also included in this category are all foods that naturally contain fats, walnuts, fish, avocados eggs and so on–all high quality, not factory made! 

Stay away from these fats: Soybean oil, vegetable oil, hydrogenated oils, margarine — these fats are inflammatory, they build up plaque in our arteries and this is because of there chemical bonds- they are either trans-fats or poly-unsaturaed fats.  We want monounsaturated fats! 

Disclaimer: I am not saying to go eat a stick of butter every day and you will get skinny.  All I am saying is GOOD-QUALITY fats in moderation are NOT making us fat.

SOOO Let’s Chat GHEE! 

 Ghee: A Healthy Fat

Ghee is clarified butter.  I always choose high quality ingredients (get the hint yet?) so I buy organic- Organic Valley happens to be my favorite- plus this is coming from grass fed cows! Ghee is made by boiling butter and separating the butter-fat + leaving it behind and storing the proteins and milk solids.  

  • Studies have shown that ghee can actually protect against heart disease, plus you can use it at high temperature cooking so you don’t have to worry about carcinogens. 
  • Ghee is a short-chain fatty acid and is good on your digestive tract- and this can reduce inflammation in your digestive tract.
  • Ghee has a little vitamin A- hello antioxidants! 

Check out this really cute campaign Organic Valley Put out about spreading the love of butter #ButterSeason  

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Share you favorite recipes below in the comment section! 



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