Let’s Chat About Omega-3’s

Let’s chat about Omega-3 Fatty Acids.  If you have read my blog before you know that I am a huge fan of fatty foods.  If you can take away one thing from reading this post please note that not all fats are equal.  In fact some are synthetically made, some cause heart disease oh and some help promote heart health. Confusing sh*t -huh?

Think this way- when you are reading a label of food don’t look at the fat content, rather look at where the fat is coming from—READ THE INGREDIENTS.  If it doesn’t have an ingredient label and it is a whole plant based food- I would say a great rule of thumb is that it is generally a healthy fat. 

Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Heart Health

So let’s chat omega-3’s…

  • Unlike other fats- our body can not naturally make these fatty acids therefore they are ESSENTIAL in our diet. 
  • These fats fight inflammation, help with the relaxation of our artery walls, and aid in regulating genetic function.
  • They lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease and stroke and they just might help play a role in fighting cancer.


Foods that are heart healthy and naturally rich in Omega-3’s include: Avocados, salmon, flax seeds, cage-free grass-fed eggs, walnuts and olives.  If you have an issue fitting in all of these foods in your diet you may want to try the oils.  Avocado oil, olive oil, walnut and flax oil are all great to take as supplements.  Yes- add a tsp a day into your smoothie, salad or eat plain. I take a tsp of flaxseed oil every morning.  Fish oil is also a great supplement but PLEASE be aware of the source.  Some fish oils are poor quality. 


Read the label.  And read it again.  You are looking for Omega-3’s otherwise known as ALA, DHA or EPA  We get plenty of omega-6’s in our diet and they can be inflammatory and heart disease causing if taken in a higher ratio to omega-3s. So when you are reading the fat content make sure it is one of the three main essential omega-3’s.




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