In Defense of Potatoes

Spud, tater, tuber- whatever you call it– it’s delicious. 

Potatoes get a shitty rep.  Sure, the low carb dieters hate them but all 100 pounds of me loves potatoes.  Fried (in REAL moderation), baked, chips and sweet potatoes. I say BRING IT.  This complex carbohydrate is loaded in fiber, potassium, vitamins B and C.  And sure, like most produce, a lot of the glory is in the skin, but the actual flesh is quite nutritious as well. Potatoes without any added fats or oils have zero fat and are pretty filling.  If you do have diabetes, be aware that they do have a high glycemic index- so opt for sweet potatoes or just limit the serving and eat with protein! 

In Defense of a potatoMy Potato Buying Guide: 

  • Opt for organic as conventional may have pesticide residue.
  • Go for the colors! I am obsessed with purple mini potatoes (pictured above) the more colorful the more antioxidants like beta carotene 
  • Buy potatoes year round but know their peak season is October- January

Comment with your favorite potato recipe below.

Enjoy tater lovers. x.

In defense of a potato



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