Hello Convenience, Hello Deliciousness.

If you know me or have read my blog – you may know the easier the meal – the better. I still like to prepare some tasty meals -however I would just prefer to do so in the easiest way possible.

Sure, I dream to one day whip up an elaborate dinner every night- but I don’t have time or energy.

So when HelloFresh contacted me asking if I wanted to try their meals – I did not hesitate when I replied YES.  A little about Hello Fresh:  They deliver farm-fresh ingredients straight to your doorstep.   Each meal is packaged in a box with directions on how to cool it.  And guess what guys- it did not disappoint.  The food was extremely fresh, veggie centric and so delicious.  They have a classic plan, a vegetarian plan and a family plan. They work with a team of dietitians and chefs!

 Another thing- it’s actually affordable.  Why?  Because you aren’t grocery shopping buying excess ingredients that you will never use again or toss away.

It’s a really fun idea.  I made the first set of meals with my boyfriend and we had such a good time drinking wine and cooking in the kitchen.  The next meal, I made by myself and I totally felt like a full blown chef.Sweat and Glow x Hello Fresh

What I made:

Night 1: Shrimp and Rice salad

Night 2: Coffee Rubbed Beef Tacos

Night 3: Thai Spaghetti and Pork Meatballs (unfortunately not pictured!)

Because I partnered with Hello Fresh to try these meals- they wanted to give YOU all a discount for reading my blog & showing your support.  Type in code SWEATGLOW35 and receive $35 off your first box. Yes that’s 3 meals for 2 people for $34 and that includes shipping and handling.


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