Healthy Halloween Cocktails

I love Halloween, I love halloween parties, I shamelessly love putting on my thing-highs and a sexy little outfit ( insert: “I’m a mouse-duh”)  ;).  Why is it that on the day when we are supposed to put on our tiniest outfit, we also attend parties filled with candy, and beer, and carbohydrate-sugar overloaded punch.  HELLO bloat central.  Especially not in my tiny tiny outfit! So this year, I decided to experiment with some healthy drinks for a Halloween party.

So now we can drink, wear our tiny outfits and look FABULOUS too!

Healthy Halloween Ideas

Let me start off with my favorite Activated Charcoal drink- click the link for benefits and some info! This drink is super lemony- and goes perfect for a little prosecco!

Healthy Halloween

Next, Blend carrots with ginger and aged tequila- this makes the perfect spicy- sweet drink!  I topped some of them with shredded coconuts- because i’m a little bit of a geek- and thought it looked like spider webs!

p.s: Candy should only be for decor, like this 🙂 🙂

Halloween Decor

Happy Halloween!  Share your favorite Halloween health tips in the comment section below.



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