Eat Away Your Winter Blues

Well it’s officially freezing. The cold weather is extra hard for me to deal with but what’s even worse are these super short days. I find myself getting less than 30 minutes of sunlight a day- if I am lucky! Although I do not suffer for seasonal depression- I can 100% notice a change of energy and my mood once the winter months hit.

Fortunately I can control my diet. Here are some foods that help with anxiety and depression.

Foods that reduce stress and anxiety

♥ Oats: Perfect, just in time for winter- right? Oats have been proven to improve the nervous system when eaten daily. The fiber and protein content in oats helps stabilize blood sugar and energy levels.  So start your morning off with a big ol’ bowl of oats!

♥ Salmon: Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as B vitamins. The omega-3’s help reduce inflammation in your brain and the B vitamins help produce serotonin (the good-mood chemical). Oh- and salmon contains some vitamin D- a vitamin we can get very deficient in during the winter time which is also an inflammation reducer! Bring on the lox 🙂

♥ Ginger: MY FAVORITE!  Ginger is a great stress reducer due to it’s vitamin B6 content. It also contains chemicals that protect the brain from unhealthy blood sugar levels. So add some ginger into your smoothie or into your tea with lemon for a perfect brain boost! 

♥ Brazil Nuts:  You know those random nuts you may find in a bag of trail mix..  Don’t take them for granted!  Brazil nuts are rich in selenium and zinc. Like very rich in selenium in fact one nut gives you over 100% of your daily need.  Zinc  boost immunity, energy levels and libido.  Selenium helps prevent anxiety and depression oh and is also great for preventing acne.  Throw a few brazil nuts into your next smoothie! Honestly you only need one a day! 

♥ Sweet Potatoes:  Good thing they’re in season too! Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber which help control blood sugar.  Also, they are rich in magnesium which aids in relaxation. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin C – which helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Honestly, sweet potatoes are as simple as poking some holes into and and microwaving it for a few minutes.  Add some cinnamon for an extra boost of blood sugar lowering effects! 

♥ Avocados: Ahh my favorite! Rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3’s this fruit is also packed with 25 different key nutrients including folic acid, pantothenic acid and vitamin K all of which have been proven to reduce stress levels. 

♥ Mushrooms: Mushrooms are also rich in anxiety preventing selenium.  Mushrooms also contain a natural source in insulin which helps balance blood sugar and with balanced blood sugar we all act a little less sane. Mushrooms contain niacin which promotes nervous system health.

Try to aim for 30 minutes of exercise a few times a week and really focus on doing something that you love.  Winter is tough, depression and anxiety is the worst. Love your body and take care of it and your body will love you back.



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