#EEEEEATS: 4/10/16

Good morning all! 

A lot of the time I have a ton of people (friends, family, strangers) ask me what I eat.  So I decided to document a day worth of my food for you all.   That being said- we are all different, we all have different appetites and eating like me isn’t going to make you automatically drop 15 pounds. If that was the case- I would eat like Gisele every day.  Or maybe Jessica Alba..hmm.

This post is just for fun and to share what I eat & why I eat it. :p

Breakfast: Peanut butter & jelly overnight oats: Mix peanut butter, 1 cup of oatmeal and water in a jar overnight: I normally make this when my peanut butter jar is closed to empty & use that container. Layer with jelly and more oats! I love this because you can make overnight oats in mason jars for the week and have breakfast to go every day! 


Lunch: A big ass salad- ALWAYS.


Dinner: I am a very lazy person when it comes to cooking.  Maybe that’s why you don’t see any elaborate recipes on my blog! If I can put together dinner if less than five minutes- I am a happy person. Dinner last night was frozen organic corn with a big heaping of organic butter and avocado toast- using the WHOLE avocado. I’m sick of reading “only eat a 1/4 avocado due to fat content”.  It’s healthy fats and keeps me full! I would rather eat 300 calories with of avocado then tons of crap!


Share with me what your favorite five minute lazy dinner is!



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