Eat Healthy & Save Money

Fact. Eating healthy can be VERY expensive.  And i’m not talking about buying 12$ cold press juices- I am talking about buying quality foods- which end up being costly.  After years of the struggle “how can I eat healthy and not spend a ton” I have finally came up with this number one tip!. 


Try one, try all.  And comment below to let me know what your favorite trick is!

Meal Prep

Meal Prep: Salads

I can not tell you the amount of times where I come home from work and am starving / don’t want to cook an elaborate dinner- so I buy sushi, or a 15$ salad etc.  Cooking every meal is exhausting, i’m with you.  But I knew to be healthy, I can’t eat a microwavable meal every night and I certainly can’t spend 30+ dollars a day on food (Yes, this was happening-don’t judge, I live in an expensive city).  So I finally started prepping my meals.  That way when I got home from work, it took 5-10 minutes to heat up food and put together meals.  

What to do for meal prep:

  • Chop & cook a butt-load of veggies: like picture below
  • Hard boil some eggs for an easy breakfast!
  • Prepackage salads
  • Cook your grains ahead of time (pasta, quinoa, rice etc.)
  • Pre-make smoothie packs (in a plastic bag throw in a 1/2 banana, fruits and kale – freeze).
  • Make your own dressings and sauces and store in a container!
  • Cut up some fresh fruit and keep it handy to pick at when you need a snack
  • Precook (some) proteins: If you know you will be eating them in the next day or two- cook up chicken, fish tofu etc

Meal Prep: Root Vegetables

Share your favorite meal prep trick that works for you below!



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