Detox Tea: Friend or Foe?

Detox Tea: Friend or Foe?

Lately, on Instagram I have seen a lot of advertisements for “detox tea” or “skinny tea”  on sponsored “health” professionals pages and well- Scott Disicks. 

As a huge tea advocate – I looked into these brands more- and at $30 a bag I wanted to know- do they work and more importantly are there any health concerns?

Let’s address “do they work”. If you have read my blog before you may know my favorite health mantra. There is NO magic solution.  If you come across something that that advertises for weight loss or total body health stay AWAY.  It’s generally either unhealthy or a scam.  We stay healthy by eating WHOLE real foods that nourish our bodies.

Not to trash any brands- but I did a little research on “Skinny Tea”.  Let’s chat about the warning message on the website: 

Warning: “Contains caffeine. Do not use this product if you have abdominal pain or diarrhea. Consult a healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. Discontinue use in the event of diarrhea or watery stools. Do not exceed recommended dose. Not for long-term use.” 

Concerning- yes.

Now on “Fit Tea” the one the Kardashians claim to love- I looked up those ingredients and garcinia cambogia extract was on there. Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit that curbs your appetite and well causes liver damage.  Another ingredient that stood out was guarana – this is the same ingredient that is used in energy drinks.  

Sorry guys- I refuse to personally tell you about my experience with it because I have zero interest in trying it- but I came across this article on Buzzfeed if you are interested.  To summarize- the writer felt stomach pain, no long term effects and full when he know he wasn’t actually full.  That concerns me a lot.

So my thoughts?  Save your 30$, save your liver.  Want to lose weight- detox tea is not the solution, even on the contrary on what our insta-influencers make us believe. PS: THEY’RE GETTING PAID FOR THESE POSTS!! And probably a lot of money – enough to compromise they’re actually beliefs.  For me, i’m going to stick with my good old fashion mint tea and of course my turmeric teaDetox Tea: Friend or Foe?



  • Taylor

    You’re absolutely right! I’m a tea lover abd also a gardener so I’d rather drink what I grow. Tea leaves, and mint tea are in my garden, they’re great!

  • Rada (

    A lot of people want instant gratification, but are not willing to work for their personal goals. Most people never read labels (which is unfortunate.) There are a few things out there that are actually very healthy, natural products made with a very short list of natural ingredients to include cayenne pepper. Most products as exactly how you describe them, unhealthy in multiple ways. Thanks for looking into it and posting your findings.

  • Unaiza @Aimzfolio

    That’s a perfect post for a health conscious but like me. I totally agree!!!! There is no shortcut in this world for anything at all, I.e.if you wish to stay on the road for a long time. So yeah for me ginger tea works the best. It has helped me lose tons of weight plus its super useful when I am working out regularly as it helps in muscle repairing and relieving us of muscle pains. Plus it has just toooo many health benefits that I actually so often forget 😉 but yeah its perfect for me. And I back u up that anything that ensures quick results CANNOT be healthy.

  • Cori

    Oh lord! I can’t wait for my mom to call me up and tell me she’s drinking this now….the woman and her mother will try anything for the quick way.

  • Michelle

    Interesting! I’ve definitely gotten the skinny tea with the stuff that loosens your bowels. I’m sure it doesn’t do anything but empty your stomach so you feel skinnier. Such hype…

  • Leslie

    Great post! I’ve looked into these tea’s too and I changed my mind really quick when I read the things you pointed out. I’d rather keep my liver and just drink my lemon water. Hah.

  • Dylan

    Ugh, thank you! I have been unfollowing anyone who starts advertising these tea-toxes and skinny teas! But lately even my close friends and family bloggers have begun! I think it is being advertised as another magic weight loss fix for sure, but even more detrimentally is being marketed for young girls! We, as women, do not need any MORE people telling us we need to look a certain way to feel good, and then having companies and corporations benefiting from this belief. I love my regular tea with AMAZING health and wellness benefits just as it has been drank for years!

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