Coping With Stress


Let’s get personal for a minute.  I normally write about recipes and health tips- but today – I want to chat about stress and anxiety.  A healthy state of mind is JUST as important as what you eat- if not more.

I am an anxious person.  High strung, over thinker. It’s really frustrating because I live my life caring a million percent about wellness and then I just feel trapped sometimes.  Luckily, since I have done a lot of research, self reflection and a shit ton of trial and error- I have found my zen. So if you’re an anxious stressed person, hang in there. My best tip is to know that each and every one of us is different, we all react to things different.

Be patient and be kind to yourself. Take the time to get to know yourself. 

Below are some practices that have been super helpful for me.  Although some of this stuff has been backed up with science, I am not a physiologist, just a blogger, trying to share my tips with you.

  1. Sleep.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep every night. Turn off your phone, your TV and just relax.  This may take practice.  
  2. Take some time for yourself.  I love to socialize and I need my friends and family but more importantly I need me! I take a lot of time to write or to read or even just to be.  Alone time is needed. 
  3. Yoga.  Stretch or just do something that involves practice.  Yoga personally helps my mind stay calm- but other daily practices may help.
  4. CARDIO. 100% this has helped me so so much with stress. 
  5. Meditation. If you told me about meditation two years ago I would have laughed and then probably felt awkwardly nervous about it.  The next time you are alone- youtube a meditation- give it at least 5 chances.

Be kind to yourself. I said that before, but really- go easy on yourself, it makes life so much better.



  • Amy Scott

    I’m in the midst of a seriously
    turbulent time in my life. This post
    couldn’t have come at a more perfect
    time! Good to know there’s others
    like me (chronic overthinker) who can
    still find peace. Also that little
    sleeping cutie made my day!

  • alison

    I love this! This is a great list! I found myself in a lot of stress a while ago and just by changing a few practices like you have
    above I have found it is easier to manage it all.

  • Christy F

    Great tips! I deal with stress and
    anxiety too. I tend to do a mix of
    yoga/pilates and cardio which seems
    to help a lot! I also ride and train
    horses when I’m not working so it’s a
    nice escape in the evenings and helps
    keep me sane.

  • Nya

    This is very true, specially the sleep part. I definitely need some practice, because I always seem to be on my phone or computer
    until very late, and right before I close my eyes to sleep.

  • Cori

    Love this post! I could have written this post! I’m so high strung, but when I do the 4 of your 5 suggestions (don’t meditate
    regularly), I’m a much better version of myself.

  • Anna

    Great post, girl! This past year has been a really stressful one for me as well and yoga and taking time to reflect has really been
    helping. When it’s nice here in Chicago, I also love to run. It really gives me the chance to think out loud while hitting the
    pavement. Hang in there! Love these positive tips! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  • Carrie

    I used to love to run whenever I was upset. It was my outlet in high school and college! I should really get back into it! All great
    tips! I love doing Yoga now to relax and reset myself daily.

  • Laura H

    Great post, I think a lot of your tips will help me too. I am always very anxious and stressed these days
    too and have found that cardio is a huge help. I’m trying to improve my sleep as at the moment I keep
    tossing and turning throughout the night 🙁

  • Ming

    Thank you for this post for this reminded me again that I
    shoulde be kind to myself. All my life, I’ve been stressed
    out pleasing people who doesn’t give back even a single
    damn at me and when I fail to please them, they’ll tell me
    that it’s my fault. It’s never easy living this kind of
    anxiety… And good for you, you got family and friends…

  • Tiina A

    Great tips and unfortunately so easy to forget – at least for me! It’s so important to remember sleep enough and have soem time for ourselves. Actually all those 5 things together make us feel well. I’ve realized now as I haven’t been able to go out running how important the cardio exercise is for the total well-being. Thank you for your lovely post 🙂

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