Clean Up Your Routine In Time For Spring

Good morning readers ♥

I woke up early this morning to drink my coffee and to neurotically check my Instagram feed (issues) and found out the spring was in 31 days. WOO. This has been a LONG winter. 

So I thought about pivotal times when we tend to get healthy. New Years, before bikini season, back to school. Normally around the February-March hump I notice less gym-goes and less healthy eating campaigns from brands …maybe this is a good thing and maybe it’s all a marketing ploy.  OR MAYBE we get lazy. Who knows. 

So if you are reading this and you realize you want to put a little spring into your step before Spring arrives join me with these four steps! 

Spring Clean Your Diet Early This Year

1. Start to Sweat: If you want to be in-shape by spring you may as well get “pre-in-shape” right now. I love going to the gym once I am feeling confident that I am looking good and can out run everyone on the treadmill there.  But when i’m not at the point, I want to hide and never go in. So, let’s work out from home! Get your timer ready put on your sports bra and speakers.  Run in place for 30 seconds as hard as you can. Take a 1 minute break.  Repeat this until you feel tired.  This may be 3 times this may be 10.  Whatever amount of times it is, write it down! The next day, you will aim for one more interval. Best cardio EVER.

2. Get Greens Back into Your Routine: You had to do it at some point or another.  Honestly buy one back go baby kale or arugula and two of your favorite vegetables.  That’s it.  That is the base of your salad, it doesn’t need to be fancy or beautiful.  Just give it a good veggie base.  From there see what else is going on in your fridge.  The above salad has some frozen peas I had in my freezer, roasted artichokes from last weeks groceries and grilled asparagus from last nights dinner.  Top it with nuts and seeds and a little olive oil and vinegar. BOOM. Salads do not need to be complicated or planed out.  Give it a whirl. 

3. Kick the Sugar Habit: Valentines day is over.  Stop eating CANDY! Keep fresh fruit in your house at all times to make sure that when you have a sweet tooth you can easily snack on some fruit.  Also, be mindful of what is in your food.  For example, almond milk, yogurt and cereals may all contain a shit-ton of sugar.  I don’t care if it says date sugar, beet sugar, organic sugar. Sugar is sugar is sugar is sugar.  It’s bad for you! Artificial sweetener addict? Stevia user? Try kicking those too as they are training your brain to crave more sweets. 

4. Clear Your Head: Two days ago I got in a car accident.   I also had my dietetic internship application due that night oh and I started my new job the week before. My brain was going a million miles a minute.  This is really weird… but I took a moment and sat in my dark living room by myself, no phone, no TV and I just sat and relaxed for a few minutes.  I focused on my thoughts until they passed and guess what I slept well that night.  Maybe a dark room doesn’t do it for you but take a few minutes to clear your mind in the shower, at yoga somewhere- it helps!

So lovies— It may still be 30-effing degrees but start getting motivated.  You will feel great by spring.






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