Clean Up Your Diet: Summer Edition

Every season I do something a little odd- I sit back and evaluate how I can better myself- whether it’s my friendships, my career or my health- I think we all need to reevaulate the way we live multiple times a year.

With the first day of summer a week away- I have already made some decisions. Simple things guy- I’m not about to get up and move across the country- but I have cut unhealthy ties in my life.   We sometimes don’t even realize we are doing something that isn’t great for ourselves until we give ourselves the respect of an hour and to sit back and really pay attention to your wants and needs.

Sooo if I was a therapist- I would love to give you a million ideas on how to better yourself- but i’m not – and i’m still on that journey as well.  What I can tell you is how to better your diet. Here are a few tips to check out in preparation for your best summer self. 


  1. Relationship goal #1 should always be your relationship with yourself.  So STOP putting yourself down.  You are all beautiful. Anytime a negative thought arises – let it go, do not dwell on it.  Find something else great that you love about yourself and change your thinking patterns.
  2. Eating well is a form of self respect – right?  So treat your body with respect.  Put in high quality foods.  Buy organic proteins, eat a ton of fruits and vegetables.  Your body will thank you this week, next month and when you’re old.  Seriously- stupid quote saying but- we only have one body- make it the best.
  3. Do some FUN activities to better yourself.  I fucking hate the gym, it makes me miserable.  I used to go five times a week just to look good- but that is STUPID.  Now, I go on long walks, do a ton of yoga and do cycling.  Don’t do something that makes you miserable.  Keep searching until you find something you love.
  4. Start cooking more- or at least making small things like smoothies or oatmeal.  Try new recipes- push yourself.  It’s a lot of fun and it’s so good to control the ingredients and know what is actually going into your food.
  5. Eat a variety of food! Don’t follow any diet unless your doctor or dietitian has told you otherwise.  Diet’s don’t work.  Eating a variety of REAL FOOD does! 

What are some of your tips??



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