CLEAN Protein Bites + Smoothie



Hello September!!! I am it such disbelief that the summer is almost over!!

Today I want to chat about protein.  UGH- so the most frustrating thing for me is the protein shake and bar market.  I would say about 75% of anything that is marketed to gym-goers is all crap!  Fake ingredient- false claim crap!  When it comes to protein- something that is supposed to be super good for us-aim for high quality sources- look at the ingredients, make sure you are consuming REAL food.   I have actually boycotted protein powder for forever- but I came across ALOHA which actually has legit ingredients like pumpkin seed and hemp seed protein.  Other great sources of protein are nuts and seeds!  Chia, hemp, pumpkin, walnuts, almonds!  All of these go great in smoothies and protein bites.  Because I avoid the protein market all together (aside for ALOHA) I make my own smoothies and protein bites.

Peachy- Vanilla Protein Smoothie (pictured above): 

♥ 1 handful of ice 

♥ 1 packet of ALOHA vanilla protein powder

♥ 1 tbsp of chia seeds

♥ 1 whole peach (fresh or frozen)



Protein Bites ( make a large batch and freeze them )

♥ 1 cup of fresh dates

♥ 1/2 cup walnuts

♥ 3 tbsp coconut oil

♥ 3 tbsp raw cocoa powder

♥ 1/4 cup hemp hearts 

♥ 3 tbsp chia seeds



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