Chia Pudding..I Still Love You!

I remember making my first bowl of chia pudding.  I was in college, home on break at my parents house. I mixed coconut milk with chia seeds and raw cocoa powder and it turned out horrendous. I added way too much liquid and it was goopy and icky. It was a let down, but after practice- I perfected chia pudding and it’s SO SIMPLE! 

Mix two tbsp of chia seeds with 1/2 cup liquid (I normally use plain milk or coconut milk). Leave in the refrigerator overnight.  The chia seeds will soak in all of the goodness and turn into a plump, tapioca-like texture.  

I’m normally spot on with forecasting what is a trend.  When I started making chia pudding, and gloated over it’s health benefits – I predicted this trend would not last, I also predicted I would get pretty sick of the pudding as I did with green juice, almond milk and just about any other healthy trendy food. 

BUT I was wrong.  It’s fricken delicious and I have yet to get sick of it — literally can have chia pudding for dayzzz.

Als0, these little seeds are nutrient powerhouses. Chia seeds are PACKED with protein, fiber and omega-3’s.  They are so filling.  The best part, they hardly taste like anything. So you can pack on whatever you want.

If I were to give one weight loss suggestion that suitable for most people – it would be to add more chia seeds to your diet. Seriously- these babes are great for improving satiety. 

Below I added fresh fruit, peanut butter and my favorite protein bar because I get HUNGRY in the morning. But you can simply just top the pudding with fresh fruit and it will be delish.

You can also mix flavors into the actual batter prior to refrigerating so the chia seeds can gelatinize with the flavor.  Examples: cocoa, matcha, fresh juice.

Comment below your favorite Chia Pudding Recipe — I can add it to this post ! xo

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