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♥ Sweating: Yoga! Ever since it got warm outside I have been doing a ton of yoga outside in philly. It’s seriously the perfect stress relief and work out.  And how fricken cute is the above yoga mat from La Vie Boheme

♥ Eating: Coconut Chia Passion Pudding– for dayz.

♥ Drinking: Coconut water! Make sure to find a brand that is raw- you will finally find it in the refrigerator section.  Other brands that are boxed like Zico are heat pasteurized and a lot of the healthy nutrients get lost in the process.

♥ Shopping: Sandals sandals Ancient Greek Sandals– they’re pricy but the best investment ever.

♥ Loving: Snap Chat.  You guys- it’s the new Instagram. Follow me @sweatandglow

♥ Glowing: Moroccan oil errreything. This brand is the shit! 




Sweating: A whole lot of LISS: lots of jump squats and lunges thanks to Kayla Itsines

♥ Eating: STICKY RICE!! Yes- I eat carbohydrates!!  I am obsessed with sticky rice with butter or coconut milk and mango slices- literally the best thing ever!

♥ Drinking: Aloha Protein powder is the BEST! Such clean ingredients and super tasty: Check out my peaches and cream protein shake!

♥ Shopping: Sooo excited for my Triangl bikini to arrive-this will be perfect for my trip to Puerto Rico!

♥ Loving: Well since I am already planning into next year (GASP!) I had to buy this cute little planner 🙂

♥  Glowing: Laura Mercier tinter moisturizer is a gift from god!!! I swear! It’s amazing for my “no-makeup days”







Reading: Mindy Kaling: Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me?

Eating: Siggi’s yogurt: Loving this brand! It’s low in sugar and 4% fat making it EXTRA creamy.  There flavors are so unique like fig and lemon zest & ginger orange.

Drinking: WTRMLN water: SOO delicious- with tons of electrolytes- perfect to get me through any work-out!

Shopping: Who cares if i’m no longer in school! I still bought this adorable Herschel Supply Co. Backpack!

Loving: Stress relief coloring books! So much fun!

Glowing: Acure Organics makes the BEST products!  I am learning that what you put on your skin is just as important to your health as what you eat! This rose hip oil does wonders for your skin!

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