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    Hello Convenience, Hello Deliciousness.

    If you know me or have read my blog – you may know the easier the meal – the better. I still like to prepare some tasty meals -however I would just prefer to do so in the easiest way possible. Sure, I dream to one day whip up an elaborate dinner every night- but I don’t have time or energy. So when HelloFresh contacted me asking if I wanted to try their meals – I did not hesitate when I replied YES.  A little about Hello Fresh:  They deliver farm-fresh ingredients straight to your doorstep.   Each meal is packaged in a box with directions on how to cool…

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    Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

    This breakfast bowl is the shittt. And my favorite part- if you partake in meal prep during the week- this breakfast will literally take you 3 minutes to make. Meal Prep Tip:  Batch cook grains and starches in the beginning of the week – So once you have your precooked sweet potatoes all you have to do is build the bowl.  A little note about sweet potatoes: these tots are super rich in vitamin A and C and are also a great source of fiber and potassium.  They are also very filling and help regulate blood sugar- which is why I think they make the most perfect breakfast starch. You won’t feel that…

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    Warm Kale & Brussels Salad

    As it gets cold we start craving hearty dishes.  Now, these can be healthy, but we often find ourselves grabbing for comfort food.  This salad gives you a hearty, warming feeling while still being extremely  healthy.  Like vegan, gluten free, extra clean ingredients healthy. The superstars of this dish: Pomegranate and hemp seeds give this dish (and any other salad) the perfect crunchy, sweet yet nutty flavor.  Health Heroes: Think deep colors when choosing produce because of their antioxidants.  All of the fruits and vegetables in this salad are packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-carniogeneic properties.  Also, hemp seeds-they are filled with heart healthy fats.   Enjoy!  Yum

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    TIPsy Tuesday Numero Uno

    Good morning pretty readers.  From now on Every Tuesday I am going to share with you some of my favorite tips.  Think anything nutrition, health or blog related. Feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions for next weeks TIPS! Xo.  {Weight Loss Tip}: Never skip a meal INCLUDING breakfast. I honestly believe you’re better off eating an unhealthy breakfast or meal then no meal at all.  Keep that metabolism going.  The smaller and more frequent the meals, the better.  {General Health Tip} Focus on eating clean, whole foods. Think lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, starches like rice and potatoes or whole grains.  {Beauty Tip} Drink a shit ton of water.…

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    Eggplant Parm Bites

      Look at these little babes! Mini eggplants are the cutest.  You can cut these in half and roast them with some olive oil, salt and pepper and they make a perfect side dish. The recipe that I am sharing with you guys today are eggplant parm bites.  These make fun appetizers but can honestly be eaten as meal.  I added chickpeas for an extra boost of protein and fiber – but any white bean can work! If you are vegan, skip the cheese and you can blend white beans and nutritional yeast for a cheesy flavor. It works just as well- I just LOVE cheese.  Check out the recipe…

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    A Healthy Game Day Life Changer

    First day of Fall!  I know it’s still 85 degrees but there is nothing better then the feeling that Autumn is here.  With Fall, comes football. Okayyyy so I honestly am not a huge football fan.  But you know what I am a fan of?  Beer and food. Make that tequila and wine too.  Yes- back in college I used to bring my mini four pack of champagne with me to tailgates.  Super cool, right? Something about sports always makes me drink way too much.  Maybe it’s the lack of understanding the sports and overcoming that awkwardness, maybe it’s just because i’m surrounded by other drunk screaming fans- regardless- it’s…

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    The Last Hurrah: Figgy Goodness

    Figs: probably one of the most beautifully luscious fruits ever – and although we can get them dried year long, there is nothing better then biting into a fresh fig- especially while they are in season.  Fig season ends early October. So I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite Fig recipes before the season ends. If you have never tried a fresh fig- I HIGHLY recommend you try one on it’s own THIS WEEK!  A little history: this biblical fruit is believed to be first cultivated in Egypt and became a staple food in Greece in the 9th century. Figs were such a delicacy there that they…

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    Why I HATE “Lunch Food”

    Ahh lunch time.  Possibly my least favorite time of day as well as my least favorite meal of the day.  I feel like in our culture it is the norm to eat soups, salads and sandwiches for lunch.  I’m not sure if it’s because they’re easiest to pack or because we suck as a lunch consuming society (jokingggg) but like I am so bored of salads and I fricken hate sandwiches.  A sandwich guys- generally two extra large slabs of bread smothered in fatty spreads and processed meats.  Sure- I have found and eaten plenty of delicious sandwiches on a fresh baguette with vegetables and real meat but they cost…

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    My Favorite Low Sugar Cocktail

    Happy Labor Day y’all!   This morning I want to share with you one of my FAVORITE cocktails. This is also super refreshing as a mocktail – for those of you who don’t necessarily need to drink the second you think “Holiday! No work today!” Before we get into this deliciousness- let’s chat about sugar for a sec.  If you read my blog and know me you know I am a huge advocate for all things fat not things sugar.  *Sugar is super inflammatory, causes diseases like cancer and diabetes.   I am not perfect – I eat sugar sometimes- but I do try my best to stay away from it.…

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    Dinner For One

    Somewhere in between spending $13 on salads and saying fuck it i’ll just have cheese and wine- I conclude that I inevitably ask myself every night “what is for dinner”. I finally came up with a solution- this bowl.  It’s perfect because you can change of the ingredients and it cover all of the food groups while still being super satisfying, nourishing and inexpensive.  My checking account owes me a big thank you for this little bowl. I used to cook dinners for myself, following elaborate recipes but it got so frustrating because I would end up spending 25 dollars on ingredients and I don’t want to eat left overs all week.…