Ask Me Why I Love Fat


Not something you hear out of a lot of nutritionist mouths I bet?  Even more scandalous…I LOVE butter.

Our bodies need fat.  Fat absorbs nutrients *cough* fat soluble vitamins anyone??  Plus fat gives us nine calories per gram- aka a whole lot of energy.  Fat got a really bad reputation in the 80’s saying it causes heart disease and obesity- but that is not the problem.  SUGAR causes obesity, diabetes and heart problems.  This is why I eat a high fat diet, low sugar.  I of course treat myself, but in general- when I read a label on the back of a package- I NEVER look at how much fat is in it- I look at the quality of the ingredients and the SUGAR content.  So bring on the full fat yogurt.  Sugar causes inflammation- not fat.

That being said- not all fats are the same.  Yes I said I love butter, but I will continously support it-I buy organic butter where the only ingredients are cream and salt.  I will never ever buy margarine or anything that is artificially made.

Here are some fats that I eat:

Olive oil

Coconut oil

Manna/Organic Butter

Almonds +  nuts + nut butter

Avocado + olives

EGGS <3 <3 <3 (never EVER just eat egg whites)

Full fat yogurt (ALWAYS check the sugar in yogurt- milk naturally has some sugar, but it should never have more than 10 grams)

Organic, local chocolate milk (BEST post work-out drink)

Fats that I won’t go near: 




Canola oil/soybean oil any WHITE oils

Processed pastries

Deep fried foods


What are your thoughts??

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