Adulting at Lunch

After graduating for college and starting a day job, lunch has always been the most challenging meal for me.  Why? Because in grade school I would always bring a packed lunch, easy. In college, I had a salad bar at my finger tips with my cafeteria’s meal plan.  Once actual real life hit- figuring out what the F to do for lunch was a huge challenge.

Scratch that.

It wasn’t even a challenge at first, because you know why? I was buying lunch daily. I would stop at Whole Foods at pick up Sushi, or grab one of those protein boxes at Starbucks.  Sure- none of them were unhealthy but they were costly and frankly, moderate. So, after spending over 75$ weekly (that’s $300 a month) on just grab and go lunches- I reevaluated the situation. 

This is not a sponsored post. This is just pure love for my Bento Box.

This box is awesome because you can practice portion control and it makes packing lunch so much more enjoyable than your basic brown bag.   This past week, I bought all of my ingredients I needed from Whole Foods and spent 22$ on five days of lunches. You know how? Because I prepped. To be a bento-box super star you must do an itty bitty amount of prepping first. And i’m talking ITTY. Literally chop some vegetables, pick your protein, prep you carb.  This week, I didn’t want to cook a protein so I picked up little packs of hummus. Easy. Read below to see how I pack my box.


Bento 1: Baguette, olives from the olive bar, chopped tomatoes, cooked zucchini, a few pieces of cheese and salami. The only “cooking” involved in this box was the ten minutes it took me to roast zucchini. 

Bento 2: Kiwi, chopped vegetables, roasted potatoes, hard boiled egg, salami and pickles.  Cooking time: 15 minutes to roast the potatoes and hard boil the eggs. 

Bento 3: Actual picture from today’s lunch. Hummus, pita, vegetables, and chicken nuggets that I got at Whole Food’s packed  food section. Zero cooking for the lunch. The chicken was 6$ for a pack but I was able to make it last 4 lunches, not bad..right?

Bento #4: Roasted purple potatoes, hard boiled egg, fruit, my favorite olives and avocado! Squeeze a lime on the avocado and it will stay green until lunch time. 


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