A Very Perfect Morning

Happy Sunday Y’all ! 

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite morning tips that get me up and going.  And because tomorrow happens to be the dreaded Monday- I figured tonight would be a good time to share.

I am slow AF in the morning.  So I give myself literally an extra 45 minutes just so I can move slowly, stress free.   For those of you who wake up at 6am and think an extra 45 minutes is impossible- I PROMISE give it a few days and you will sleep earlier and feel more relaxed. 

{1} Right away, I heat up water and squeeze half a lemon in it.  I am not sure the science behind it and if it’s 100% accurate but I have read on numerous occasions that starting your day off with hot water and lemon helps with digestion & detoxing. Honestly- it just makes me FEEL good.   Want the science behind it?  This website will give you some facts! 

{2} Stretch stretch stretch.  Always do 15 minutes of yoga.  Nothing too intense- but just to get my muscles moving and my body warmed up.  Plus I set my intentions for the day while doing so. I know running and meditation is great for some people- yoga does it for me.

{3} I SIT DOWN, quietly, and eat. Even if it’s a bowl of cereal or a half an avocado- I give myself at least 5 minutes of quiet Julie time just to focus on my food.  All about that mindful eating 🙂

{4} Vitamins! I take Smarty Pants Vitamins which are gummy, delicious and have no added shit in the like most brands.  Great ingredients, great nutrition.


Share with me your morning routine! XO.


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