Happy Sunday Y’all ! 

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite morning tips that get me up and going.  And because tomorrow happens to be the dreaded Monday- I figured tonight would be a good time to share.

I am slow AF in the morning.  So I give myself literally an extra 45 minutes just so I can move slowly, stress free.   For those of you who wake up at 6am and think an extra 45 minutes is impossible- I PROMISE give it a few days and you will sleep earlier and feel more relaxed. 

{1} Right away, I heat up water and squeeze half a lemon in it.  I am not sure the science behind it and if it’s 100% accurate but I have read on numerous occasions that starting your day off with hot water and lemon helps with digestion & detoxing. Honestly- it just makes me FEEL good.   Want the science behind it?  This website will give you some facts! 

{2} Stretch stretch stretch.  Always do 15 minutes of yoga.  Nothing too intense- but just to get my muscles moving and my body warmed up.  Plus I set my intentions for the day while doing so. I know running and meditation is great for some people- yoga does it for me.

{3} I SIT DOWN, quietly, and eat. Even if it’s a bowl of cereal or a half an avocado- I give myself at least 5 minutes of quiet Julie time just to focus on my food.  All about that mindful eating 🙂

{4} Vitamins! I take Smarty Pants Vitamins which are gummy, delicious and have no added shit in the like most brands.  Great ingredients, great nutrition.


Share with me your morning routine! XO.

8 Thoughts on “A Very Perfect Morning

  1. yes for #3 – I ALWAYS have to eat to start my day and I have zero function

  2. Sounds like I need to change up my morning routine and throw some excerise. For at least 15 minutes

  3. I am slow in the morning too. It is a struggle.

  4. As someone who hates mornings and knows my ideal world would be one where I don’t have to talk to anyone before 10am in the morning I am always curious about other people’s routines. I need to start doing my water with lemon again. Right now one of my favorite things is just to watch cartoons for about 15 minutes before grabbing my laptop, checking my phone or even getting out of bed.

  5. The warm/hot water and lemon is magic! I don’t really get the science behind it either, but I know it works! I try to do it everyday as well.

  6. I need to get back into the hot-water-and-lemon first thing in the morning habit! It’s such a good one!

  7. I’ve gotten bad about morning vitamins, but I could do well to follow the routine you set out here. Mornings are so hard.

  8. I SOOOO miss having quiet mornings, but with two kids that never happens! Someday! Warm water and lemon are one of my fav ways to get moving. I’ve been hearing so much about these SmartyPants vitamins lately too!

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