Happy almost weekend!  Yesterday I made my own tea and it was AMAZING!  I have been reading a lot about the health benefits of turmeric but I have been in NOO mood to cook–especially not pot of curry—-I mean it is ten thousand degrees out!   So instead I made my own turmeric tea!  This recipe is literally sooo good.  If you aren’t craving hot tea- make a big batch of it and put it in the fridge for some iced-tea!   psssst….This turmeric tea with a splash of full-fat coconut milk—amazeballlls.








So why turmeric? Here are a few of it’s benefits:

It fights inflammation and swelling…like big time, in fact turmeric in comparable to Advil

Turmeric contains the compound curcumin which is a major antioxidant

Fights depressions  (in fact, a study showed it may be as affective as Prozac)

Lowers blood cholesterol levels

Great for our skin due to it’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties


Turmeric – Ginger Tea: 

2 tsp fresh ginger- grated

2 tsp grated turmeric

1 tsp grated lemongrass

Place all the above ingredients in a tea steeper or tea-bag.  Steep in hot water for 5 minutes. Optional:  Add in a little raw honey or lemon.





Hi all! Hope everyone is having a great week! ♥ 

I haven’t posted in a while-so I wanted to do a little recap as this week was full of excitement!  Now that this blog is sort of on a role- I feel like I have had so many exciting opportunities come up!

 Do you follow me on Instagram? If you don’t–you should! I am starting to partner with a few brands and will be posting tons of giveaways! This week, I did a giveaway for a three day juice cleanse hosted by Raw Generation…and let me tell you..there juices are DELICIOUS! Comment below if you want a discount code to there juice!!

IMG_0679 2















♥ I have also been practicing yoga more…and am in the hunt for a hot-yoga class near me!  If anyone lives in the Philadelphia area—pleaseeee let me know where you do hot yoga 🙂 🙂



 A little mid-week champs didn’t hurt… #BitchesLoveRose 🙂



♥ ANDD some fruit- I have been LOADING up on fruit this summer…more so than usual.  P.S…this fruit is paired with Siggis Yogurt…Have you tried it yet? Literally the only yogurt I will eat!



Until next week.





Happy Summer LOVES ♥ 

Today reached 90 degrees and I was craving ALL things summery.  I never crave heavy food in the heat- is anyone else like that?  Bring on the iced tea and the fresh fruits and vegetables.

One of my summer must haves: Coconut Water! 


Harmless Harvest Coconut Water is my newest ADDICTION!   I never understood the coconut water fad.  I mean- drinking out of a coconut on an island sounds pretty bomb- but the cartons of coconut water always grossed me out.  AND recently I found out they did for a good reason!  Brands like Zico & Vita Coco are  heated at a high temperature killing off all of the nutrients and the delicious taste.  This brand- Harmless Harvest is completely raw, organic and literally the most delicious water ever.  I am craving it now just typing about it…and I had one earlier today!  Coconut water is super hydrating and gives you a little bit of natural sugar- which is GOOD, especially after a work out.

Coconut water has many other health benefits:

It contains 13% of your daily potassium in just one cup!

It contains 14% magnesium (the anti-stress, anti-anxiety mineral!)…I will chat about this one later 😉

It is full of antioxidants- especially this brand!  Sometimes you even get pink water which is naturally occurring due to it’s antioxidant properties

It’s super hydrating

 It contains a compound called cytokinins which slow down aging!


Need any more convincing?